Cristina Arango is a dreamer and seeker, yoga teacher, wellness coach and lover of life. 

Grown in the magical lands of Colombia and currently residing in Sydney, Australia, she pulls inspiration from the mystic roots of her homeland, all the way to newfound adventures across far-reaching seas. Cristina is a firm believer that love is medicine and the daily practices of yoga and meditation are profound opportunities for gathering our daily dose. Through a combination of mindful exploration and quiet awareness, she offers students the chance to revisit their true self, reconnect with their heart and spark a positive transformation that extends far beyond the four corners of the mat. Her powerful combination of knowledge, compassion, creativity and challenge will fuel your journey toward self-discovery and offer you a hefty dose of love along the way. 

Cristina has the ability to share from her heart and through her passion for yoga she inspires others to connect to their inner wisdom. When I practice with Cristina I feel like she has wrapped me up in a big blanket of love. Her practice is mindful but strong, fluid and surprising”
— Amy Giuliano, Yoga Teacher