Cristina Arango
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I'm here to remind you of your magic.

 I have created this space to share with you ancient wisdom for modern living, with the intention to help you evolve and awaken the inner intelligence of your body and give you the tools to live a life designed and loved by you!  


Dream Wild Retreat

To Dream Wild requires you to turn inward, connect to a greater intelligence and expand into new possibilities. You’ll be given yoga tools each day - asana, pranayama, kriya and meditation to elevate your consciousness, bring you to a still point and bring clarity of direction to create life the way you want it.


Hola! Im Cristina

I am a yoga, meditation teacher, a life coach and healer with a passionate love for the ancient wisdom and the healing arts.

My unique combination of yoga, coaching and ancient wisdom brings action to intention. It's how dreams become reality. As a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Life Coach my work is to support, enhance and develop your skills, resources and innate creativity to remember who you are and connect with your purpose in life. My intention is for you to become aligned with your heart and to live a life of joy at your highest potential.