Cristina Arango
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 Hola.... I'm Cristina


Grown in Colombia, a country rich with culture and lush with beauty. Though spectacular, the city where I spent my early years was one of the most dangerous places in the world. My magical homeland taught me to be a dreamer and seeker, yet the country’s distress also sparked something deeper: a search for peace and freedom within myself and a hopeful wish of the same for my surroundings. With an urge to spread my wings, I embarked on a quest for meaning and adventure and flew south. I landed in beautiful Sydney, Australia where I am now living, growing, sharing… and loving and shaking!

Over the past 5 years I have completed over 500 hours of yoga teacher trainings with highly regarded teachers; I am delighted to share my experiences, knowledge, and enthusiasm with the world. I am a firm believer that love is medicine, and yoga and meditation are profound opportunities for getting our daily dose. I find that a combination of mindful exploration and quiet awareness is the best way to illuminate your true self, that resides in the heart and to help spark a revolution of loving action. My passion for life and the desire for self-discovery fuel my teachings. Yoga, meditation and spiritual practices have been and continue to be, fundamental to my pursuit for inner and outer harmony, in addition to nature, laughter, sunshine and shared moments.

Compassion and lightness are always present while I am teaching, combined with elements of challenge and creativity. Yoga is the perfect place to reconnect to our heart and express our uniqueness and so I strive to support each student’s path of self-discovery. I look forward to celebrating life with you, building a heart-centered community and continuing our journey together.