Cristina is a passionate and genuine teacher. She will always share a new way for the students to connect deeper to their practice. She has supported me going deeper in my personal practice and during Yoga Teacher Training. She is a true yogi.

Cristina has been my main yoga teacher for over a year. During this time I have learned so much more about not just yoga but my own practice. Her classes are full of energy and life with creative sequences, seriousness and giggles and excellent hands-on adjustments. I said to a friend recently that “at some point in Cristina’s class I realize how amazingly good I feel at that moment and wish I could feel like that all the time!. In the 20 years I have been practicing yoga, I consider Cristina to be
one of the best teachers I’ve had.

I have been doing Cristina ‘s yoga class for a while. She has this amazing energy and her class gives me both strength and peace within. I always feel great after her class. She is very special and has a special way of connecting with people in the class.

Cristina’s classes are truly amazing - she’s very hands-on and is always encouraging. Cristina encourages us to be curious and explore postures and transitions with awareness to the movement of energy without losing attention to the alignment. She always brings out the best in me during class and I feel my practices has constantly evolved both physically and mentally. There have been so many lightbulb moments. Her love for yoga is infectious and I always look forward to her classes.

I’m so lucky to have found a mentor that inspires me in every class. Christina’s classes are always special. Initially, I started yoga for fitness but now I’m much more focused on the mindfulness element that Cristina brings to every experience. Every class is interesting, a challenge and completely unique. My practice has improved and I apply Cristina’s teachings to every day

Coming into Cristina’s class is like walking into a supportive embrace. There is a space of comfort and anticipation. She takes you on a somatic journey – the body becomes the focus and the mind learns to release its need for rigid control. I emerge from the class with a sense of integral power, feeling grounded and expansive. I have found emotional balance and self-love
— Jackie Castello, Chiropractor

I love Cristina’s classes because she creates innovative and special flow sequences. I like how she focuses on yoga as a way to meet yourself where you are (in terms of level), increase your connection with your body and have fun. Cristina has a healing presence and is a great teacher.

As someone who spends most of my days in scientific and analytical spaces, morning yoga is a lovely (and much needed) counter-balance. I enjoy practising with Cristina for her sequencing, her warm nature, and mostly because of the way she has taught me to carry the open-heartedness and kindness she cultivates on the mat with me through the rest of my day. I count her as a friend and a guide.

Cristina’s classes never cease to inspire me. She is an incredibly creative teacher, and her sequences always make me feel both strong and open. She shares her knowledge and wisdom so generously, and always grounds it in a way that feels accessible and tangible. Her care for her students is always felt, whether it’s an encouragement in class, a supportive hands-on assist or a check-in after class. Her presence and passion shine through in every interaction, every word and every moment.

From start to finish, Cristina’s classes transport you somewhere. They are creative, strong yet nurturing, and offer up the opportunity to really dive into the moment. Amazing, basically!

Cristina is such a beautiful soul and that radiates through in the way she teaches. She makes you feel loved, connected and safe when practicing with her. Her knowledge of the complete system of yoga is inspiring; I feel like I learn something every time I’m in her class and that’s really important to me to be more mindful and present in life off the mat. Thank you Cristina, so much love.

Cristina is an excellent teacher, who always brings her loving, compassionate and beautiful presence to every class. She is incredibly experienced with extensive technical knowledge, yet her classes are very grounded and suitable for all levels. I particularly enjoy Christina’s endlessly creative sequencing and a lightness of being, that always leaves me smiling

I have learned so much from Cristina in my asana practice but more importantly off the mat taking her teachings into my everyday life. Her style is genuine and grounded, she is a true yogi and I am so grateful to have her as one of my teachers.

I have been so inspired by her unique, creative, and fluid sequences as well as by her deep knowledge and balance of both the physical (asana) and subtle (meditation) aspects of yoga. As a new yoga teacher, I aspire to one day teach like Cristina - she commands space with her powerful voice, clear instruction, and a resounding passion for the practice. Give your present and future self a gift by practicing with Cristina as much as you can!