Cristina Arango
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Private 1-on-1

Private classes are ideal for anyone who desires closer attention to their yoga and meditation practice. As unique as the individual, these sessions are tailored toward each student’s spiritual and wellness practice. If you are brand new to yoga, have special health concerns, desire classes in the privacy of your own home, or want to deepen your personal practice, please get in touch for details and rates

Cristina is a passionate and genuine teacher. She will always share a new way for the students to connect deeper to their practice. She has supported me going deeper in my personal practice and during Yoga Teacher Training. She is a true yogi.
— Marcus V. Fonseca, Yoga Teacher
Coming into Cristina’s class is like walking into a supportive embrace. There is a space of comfort and anticipation. She takes you on a somatic journey – the body becomes the focus and the mind learns to release its need for rigid control. I emerge from the class with a sense of integral power, feeling grounded and expansive. I have found emotional balance and self love
— Jackie Castello, Chiropractor